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Smell freshly mown meadows. Feel the warming rays of sunshine on your skin. Hear the sound of the crystal-clear mountain stream or the snow crunching under your feet.

Outdoor wellness in the Stubai Valley draws its effect from the interplay of natural sensory stimuli in the mountains.


Imagine: You're hiking at over 2,000 meters. The distant view: Fantastic. The air: Pristine, clear. Simply perfect for deep breaths and at this altitude, even allergy sufferers find true relief. Naturally, your senses become attuned to the fragrant smells, which in Stubaital, are never far away. Alpine grassy heaths exude a tantalizing scent with their colorful flower carpets, succeeded by the delicate aromas of larch and spruce forests that greet you as you head downhill.


Walking barefoot over dewy meadows. Jumping into one of the many mountain lakes and feeling the tingling between your toes. Touching the lukewarm rocks on the way to the summit – every day in the Stubai nature can also become a tactile experience if you embrace it. Here, in this dreamy environment, there are not only numerous photo opportunities but also countless souvenirs along the way, just waiting to be discovered by you.


The rustling of local mountain streams, combined with the chirping of birds and the ringing of cowbells, creates a unique symphony that quickly evokes holiday feelings and soothes the soul. For those who want to slow down quickly, it's best to take a seat on one of the many panoramic benches in the region, close your eyes for a moment, and listen. Soon, the pleasant silence is punctuated by the sounds of individual forest inhabitants – an owl here, a woodpecker there.


Vibrant alpine meadows, lush green on the way to the next hut, crystal clear water, not to mention the view of the snow-covered peaks – those who visit Stubaital will quite literally see the world with new eyes. Real treasures await around every corner, longing to be discovered. During an exploration tour, take a moment, close your eyes, and capture your impressions in your mind's eye. This is wellness for the eyes.