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Our journey to becoming the first organic hotel in the Stubai Valley

Biohotel Rastbichlhof im Staubaital

Our organic hotel, Rastbichlhof, aims to be the most sustainable hotel in the Stubai Valley – that's our goal. Yes, it's ambitious, but it's also achievable. We're confident of that. We present to you here what we've set out to achieve, what we've already accomplished and what will be implemented next.

Doing business sustainably together

We are a part of BIO HOTELS®

We aim to operate sustainably in every aspect of our business. Transitioning to 100% organic is the next logical step. In 2023 we decided to make the Rastbichlhof a member of BIO HOTELS®. These guarantee their guests 100% certified organic quality, transparency and a sustainable hotel experience. To become part of this sustainable hotel association, various high standards and guidelines must be met. We've already made some changes in our establishment, while others are still in progress. Here you can see our progress on the way to becoming an ORGANIC HOTEL.

Learn more about the BIO HOTELS® standards here.


Our to-dos on the way to becoming the first organic hotel in the Stubai Valley

100% organic - all food and drinks from organic farming

Since spring 2023, our hotel kitchen has been passionately committed to using organic products. Supporting organic farming and the associated circular economy is an important step towards a better future. As an organic hotel, it is important to us that we are regularly certified. This is carried out twice a year by an independent inspection body. Our first inspection took place on 14.03.2023 by Austria Bio Garantie (inspection body AT-BIO-301). Of course, such an organic inspection involves a lot of work, but it is important to us that we are transparent towards our guests and make our contribution to a future suitable for grandchildren. From fall 2023, we will also be a Bioland partner.

Fall 2023

Projects to promote biodiversity

Near the hotel, we have planted an orchard with traditional apple, plum, pear and cherry varieties, which will only bear sweet fruit in a few years' time, but is already home to bees, bumblebees and earthworms. Since the summer of 2022, guests have also been welcomed by a colorful mix of Maran, Grausperber, Königsberger, Sussex, Araucana and Rhodeländer chickens. The chickens not only provide the hotel kitchen with fresh eggs from species-appropriate husbandry, they also provide a smile or two. Last but not least, the chickens wandering around happily and relaxing under the bushes symbolize the lightness of being at the Rastbichlhof.

Of course, we cultivate our garden organically. Our balcony flowers and all new plantings in our herb garden come from organic nurseries.

Naturally, we are proud of what we have achieved. However, there is no time to rest - we are continuing and already have a few new projects in the pipeline! So stay tuned :-)

since 2022

100% green electricity & charging station for e-cars

Since 2013, we have been purchasing exclusively green electricity from TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG in order to make a long-term difference in this area and increase the proportion of renewable energies. Since the beginning of 2023, we have also been operating our own photovoltaic system, which also powers our charging station for e-cars, where up to two cars can now "refuel" at the same time via smart load management.

Spring 2024

100% organic cosmetics

Natural cosmetic products are better for the body and the environment. Their ingredients are of natural origin; artificial colorants and preservatives as well as silicones, mineral oils and parabens are avoided. In future, you will only find organic cosmetics that comply with the COSMOS standard. This means that valuable organic and natural cosmetics will be used in the rooms as well as in the wellness area and for treatments. From fall 2023, you will be pampered with products from the MARíAS Salzburg brand.

Fall 2023

Conservation of resources & natural materials

The sensible use of resources is important to us in all areas of the hotel. For example, we only buy recycled paper and use ecological, biodegradable cleaning agents and detergents. We also clean with steam and vinegar, i.e. completely without chemicals.

Conserving resources also means avoiding waste and unnecessary transportation. For this reason, we have replaced plastic straws with paper and stainless steel straws since summer 2022 and no longer use plastic portion packs. Instead of bottled mineral water, we now also have fresh mountain water, still or sparkling. We are also happy to fill your sports bottles and teapots free of charge so that you can simply do without disposable bottles during your outdoor activities. For unavoidable waste, you will find easily accessible recycling bins in our hotel so that we can return the recyclable materials to the recycling cycle.

When making new purchases, we make sure to use natural materials and plastic-free, recycled or cradle-to-cradle products wherever possible. Of course, it is also important to us that natural materials such as wood, stone and clay are used in new buildings and extensions. For example, our new JOKA Grande Luxe mattresses purchased in spring 2023 are made of natural rubber and we also rely on natural materials such as wood, clay and textiles made from natural fibers when redesigning our fireplace room!

since 2022

CO2 balancing and CO2 reduction

Have you ever wondered how much CO2 an overnight stay in a hotel produces? Don't worry, at the Biohotel the figure is well below the industry average. We are already working on reducing CO2 in all areas. To make this visible, a CO2 balance sheet is drawn up every two years. This evaluates how much CO2 is produced. At the same time, adjustments are made to reduce this figure.

We carried out our first carbon footprint in 2022 (based on 2019, the last "normal" financial year before coronavirus). We have thus recorded our initial situation for the first time. We are now working on continuously optimizing our carbon footprint. Our commitment to organic food is a step in this direction, as the carbon footprint of organic food is significantly lower than that of conventional food. The seasonal orientation of our culinary offer and the use of regional products further contribute to the reduction of our CO2 footprint.

As a member of BIO HOTELS®, we have committed to offsetting our CO2 emissions by purchasing climate protection certificates from 2024.

since 2022

Aligning a hotel towards sustainability is an ongoing process. Integrating environmental protection into our daily actions is a concern close to our hearts. We are pleased to keep you informed on this page about updates regarding our sustainability measures and keep you up to date.